7. 3. 2011


My mom likes to complain about me that I don't study at home as much as I should.
I keep telling her I study mainly in the afternoon when I come back from school and she is still at work, because I have quiet house and nothing distracts me.

Today before I got home from school I decided I shall move on with my law lectures and when I will have the whole afternoon quiet house, I shall make advantage of it.
What was my surprise to meet mom when I came home. She said she had some days of holiday left and she needs to use them before March ends.

Okay, no problem.

But when I finally settled myself in the living room, opened all the documents I need, my mom comes with a vacuum cleaner and starts making noise and keeps moving me away "because she has to clean the carpet!"

I mean, nothing wrong with that she wants to have clean house, but I am pretty sure in next 5 minutes she comes to me and asks why am I not studying, while she would be most probably going around with a mop and cleaning the wooden floors.

I love irony.

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