29. 3. 2011

Day 24 - A picture of something you wish you could change

Apart from my constant need of changing my hairstyle, I'd love to change my teeth.
Make them more straight and a bit whiter.
I know there are ways how to change that, but they are totally unavailable for me. Thanks to my ancestors, I have genetically bad teeth and some illnesses connected with them. So it's not like I'd be the bad girl who doesn't brush her teeth or doesn't take care of them. I am working on it :D

When it comes to braces, my dentist told me that in order to make 2 of my teeth straight, she'd need to take out 6 teeth. And she said that she doesn't want me to get through this, because it will be nasty. Secondly, if I'd like to make my teeth brighter, I would have to give up coffee and tea (nooooo I would never be able to do that!!!) and also the methods wouldn't cooperate with other things my "teeth health" is currently experiencing.

Ah well :D

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