10. 3. 2011

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory.

Year 1998.
7 years of my age.
My first horse riding "lesson" on a big horse.

It was taken by my dad few moments before the horse stood on his back legs, I fell down and he kicked me with his back legs to my head.
I don't know if it looked really that horrible as everyone was describing, I only remember some blood going from my head, but I wanted to get back on the horse as fast as I could to show him I am not afraid of him and no matter what happens, I am going to finish this first lesson.
Only later when I got to the bathroom I saw how much blood there is on me, I started crying and freaking out.

It is not a particularly happy memory, but when I feel that something I am currently going through is going to destroy me, I always think of that day.
I managed to get back "on the horse" and survived. I guess it made me kinda stronger person...

2 komentáře:

  1. well that was an intense memory!
    I haven't been on a horse the last 14 years and only tried it 3-4 times to be honest
    but I always wondered how does the horse feel when someone rides it?
    Could it be something they enjoy as much as people do?

  2. I guess they dont mind it unless the person isn't making any harm to them.
    They are free spirited creatures, they love to run since it gives them a chance to be free (and people enjoy it with them while riding). they should be treated well. though a lot of horses nowadays might have lost parts of their wild spirit, so they are used to "serve". But, not the arabian ones :)