18. 12. 2011

Epic concert was epic.


It was a week ago and I still don't have the strength of making post about it brief. It was just so awesome and the guys from Týr are really sweet.
Gunnar (the bassist) and Terji (guitarist) even gave me a small faroese language lesson and I still can't believe it how the hell.. I mean.. it is still so unreal and the only thing telling me it really happened, are the pictures I have and the paper with Gunnar's and Terji's signatures along with the faroese language lesson.

Túsand takk!

7. 12. 2011

Friday is coming

By Friday, my "awesome music autumn" will be finished.
Because certain crazy faroese folks will play in certain city in my country and HELL I am looking forward. You can't even imagine.

I can't tell when it was the last time I was looking forward to some band so much!
Well, all right, in October I was excited to see Rome, but that was a bit different. Rome are calm music. Music, that makes you daydream and dive deep into your soul.

But Týr?
Týr's music is just that kind of music that makes you scream&shout, jump and headbang all around and enjoying it to the maximum level. It makes you feel free and while you are spending your last bits of energy to shouting lyrics along with the faroese guys, you feel strangely relaxed.

I'm sure that the 4hour long train ride and then waiting for 4am train back home is going to be worth it. Well, must be! Because other two bands (Crimfall and Moonsorrow being the main star) are playing there aswell.

Still, I can't wait to see the faroese vikings rocking it live!

4. 12. 2011

Stupidity alert

It strikes when I am staring at the task for an hour or more and still have no idea how to even start. Because everything seems so impossible to finish and even create. It makes me question if my choice of school was the right one. I mean... half of the stuff is connected with marketing and economy. I find these subjects to be very abstract to me. I have no idea. Seriously. They are to me the same like books are for an anaplhabet. Something, well, interesting, but not understandable.

Oh the self-doubting moments. How I hate you. How I hate that you make one huge hell from my life and my dreams.

Here, have them. I'll watch how you destroy them all. Slowly, steadily, precisely. Thank you very much.

Sad facts

You know I am always ranting about how much stuff I need to get done and I have so little time for finishing...

You see? I am doing it again!
Instead of actually working on it, I rant about it.
I just hope I am not the only one.

But giving the fact I work the best under pressure with deadline scratching my back, I still have few days of.. procrastinating. I always tell myself that I will start earlier to get less stressed when tha crazy "MUSTFINISHWORK" phase comes.. well, I worked on that at least this time. One of my papers is 50% finished... and the rest is only in my head, waiting for being written. Nah, nah, nah.

Well... better get my coffee, and...

Brace yourself. Winter is coming.

21. 11. 2011

Game of Thrones season 2

Aaaaaaah yes. Finally it is here.
Finally, my fangirl needs were satisfied by a two-minutes footage HBO aired on Sunday before new episode of Boardwalk empire - "In production of Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings"

Of course it was mainly the producers talking (meh..), but they were so nice and included some of the characters there. I was looking forward to see the new characters, of course!
Btw, my tumblr dashboard was automatically spammed and filled with gifs, screenshots and various graphics made from the 2:02 preview, how awesome is that! I love when the fanbase is so big and tumblr GOT addicts appreciate each other's GOT-related posts so much :D

And now to the characters, of course.

So there they are!
Have to say that I was a tiny little bit disappointed that they didn't put Jaqen H'ghar in the preview, or Asha (Yara) Greyjoy, or Ygritte or Blackfish or Edmure Tully (but the last two haven't even been cast yet...?).
So, we will have to wait for a little while.

April 2012 please pleaaaaaaase come quickly!

20. 11. 2011

I still feel like my life leads to nowhere right now

It's a bit sad, isn't it?

Time is running short for the things I have to have done before Christmas, yet I do nothing at all to finish them. Seriously. I only want to sit and stare and complain about how much things I have to do...

...wait a sec.

That's precisely the thing I am doing right now.


19. 11. 2011

A message

It's for a certain person, who wrote me yesterday.
Says he made a mistake. Says he is sorry. Says he misses me.
Well guess who that is? You will probably figure out yourself who that is and I can tell you, I had a serious laugh when I read it. I mean, really?

My message to that person is:

Are you for real?
Seriously, what am I?
A doll you can just throw away to the corner one day, break into pieces and destroy and then few months later you hope to find it from the corner all broken up and want to put the pieces back together, hoping everything will be as great as it was before?

No way.

That doll was a mad warrior doll, it just put herself back together on her own and forgot about the owner who broke her down.
And now the owner thinks the doll will run to him tearing from joy that he wants to play with her again?
Oh no no no. It doesn't work this way... he can possess the skills to repair it, but sooner or later the doll will break down again, and in a worse way.
So the doll rather saves herself some freakin' trouble, because she doesn't want to be hurt from the same idiot one more time. Go figure.

5. 11. 2011

"The half of November"

In early summer, we made some kind of a bet with my friend.
The deadline is "the half of November", aka 15th.
I think that I am failing terribly. Not sure how my friend, but I htink she is probably doing much better or at least she has much better chances than I have.

I guess that for me it will go as I predicted.
We'll meet and all I could say would be "well, till the next time then?"

I'm being a desperate ass...

...therefore I should probably get back to writing my culturology paper.
Or just go on with me silly story. It's keeping me kinda alive, I'd say.

But now, I want to bury myself, curl up in the corner and die silently. Noone would miss me, at all!

16. 10. 2011

Prague - Rome

The highlight of my neofolk autumn.

It was actually the second time when I went to a show I was looking forward to SO MUCH and didn't have my camera with me (the first time it was Emilie Autumn when my sister was *somewhere on some figure skating thing* and had the camera with her, this time it was because of her again, since she broke the camera down). I thought I am going to die. I love taking photos at concerts, even though 95% of them are shitty as hell. I want to have the pictures for myself, by myself.

But, nevermind. The "good" thing was that I should concentrate more on the beauty of the music and not trying to catch the best light and angles in order to have a cool picture.

At the end of the whole show, I felt like crying. Not only because they were playing one of my favorite songs (Swords to rust, hearts to dust), but also because the whole atmosphere was just kinda overwhelming. Ah, yes.

And Jerome, the frontman, is just very kind and friendly.

Btw, thanks Ája for saving my photographic arse and taking the pictures <3

11. 10. 2011

Warriors, school and warriors again

So the days are growing shorter now, nights are getting colder aswell and things you simply have to have done, they need to be done. Simply said.

Some of them are easy. SO easy, you don't even need to switch on your brain for finishing them.
Some of them are those, when your brain wakes up and thinks "oh man, I think it's about time to get the shit done!"
Some of them are of that certain kind, that you think it's going to be easy and something prooves you wrong. I mean, SO WRONG.
Some of them are impossible, so you don't even bother with them.
And finally, some of them are challenging in the way you simply love and adore.

Culturology and my seminar work for that subject.
"Whatever you choose," the professor said, "but it has to have something to do with culture. Whatever culture you want. Possibilities are countless, you just choose what you like and write about it circa five solid pages."

So I said to myself, what do I like?
Everything, and nothing.
I mean, I could have chosen something about cretain artistic movement. Or about certain style, or language, or just about anything. Really. Because even if I would decide to write about the history and meaning of money, it would still count, since different cultures around the world used different money systems.

But I am a mad warrior. I am a berserker.
I chose something that I never thought much about. I wasn't interested in it in any deeper way nor did I try to research more about it. But yet I told the professor I am going to write about it.

So paint your face, mad girl, and fear nothing. School is a battlefield and you are a warrior. You wear your warpaint every day to face another fight and you still keep surviving.

Warriors, thieves and madmen.

2. 10. 2011

Airbus A380

Landed in Prague for the first time ever.

Courtesy of Lufthansa, celebrating their 45 years of service in the Czech republic.
What a lovely machine! Managed to get kinda-average picture of it, at least something (:

1. 10. 2011

"Head update"

As you may know, my current haircut means that I have the left side of my head cut very shortly - nearly shaved.
But as I don't own that hair cutting machine, it always depends on my sister and her haircutting skills - she keeps my left side very very very short only by scissors and I have to say she's getting much better at it. However you just can't achieve the same result with scissors as you do with the machine.

So I decided I will just get a razor and shave it bald. It will grow in few days anyway, so whatever (:

And when I have the right side longer, I am planning to do the same to my right side, to get and undercut, so I could wear my hair in ponytail and "equally shaved head".


28. 9. 2011

Swedish teatime

Came back from the cinema-and-other-things-to-take-care-of evening with my dear A.
Sat in front of the computer (how hopeless of me) and now I am sipping a very lovely earl green tea with lemon and bergamott I - surprise - got from the above stated A.
And now what?
My internet days are lately just in the "sit'n'stare" type of thing. I don't know. I feel like I have nothing to do around the internet waves. That there is nothing interesting anymore. That I have already seen everything that could interest me.

I should probably go to sleep.
Even this stupid blogpost took me like an hour to finish. Thanks to staring into nothing at all.

27. 9. 2011


List of random facts:

- St. Wenceslas Day = bank holidays
- Conan the Barbarian @ the cinema
- must do the english homework
- re-write museology notes into the computer
- drink coffee
- enjoy the goddamn free day

23. 9. 2011

The ultimate non-ispirational days combined with sickness

I should say, "enough said". Because the title speaks for itself.

For past few days I am tired as hell. I am still trying to change my body settings from "oh-so-lazy-holiday" to "oh-my-god-i-have-to-wake-up-soon!" setup.
But it's harder than I thought.
Of course, as today is the official first autumn day, I began to feel somehow sick. This sore throat thing, little headache and bags under my eyes, connected with too much work and too much new things to care about and realise. And too little time.

It's not a mystery I fall asleep at school on some lectures. I just can't take the pressure. I just can't concentrate. I say to myself, "Right, I will go to bed earlier than I did..." Fine. FINE. I can go to bed at 10pm, why not, but the only question is - will I fall asleep? Of course, but 4 hours later.and in another 4 hours I have to wake up, which is not enough to finish my third sleeping phase.

You know the sleeping phase lasts about 90 minutes? And if you happen to wake up in the middle of it, that makes you tired, since your brain is in the.. wait, forgot it. REM phase? Maybe, dunno, can't find the notes.
You didn't finish your sleep properly and your brain isn't ready to work. I guess you know those times when you had f.e. too little sleep and were all ok straight after you woke up, or when you slept basically the whole night, say, 12 hours and you still feel tired when you wake up. That sums it up, I guess.

Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yes.
Along with that, my sense for inspiration is gone. Somewhere. It always goes somewhere when my school starts, and returns during holidays. SOMETIMES. SO I think the time for me to be creative and shit is over. Now the dark and dull uninspirational days begin. They will grow shorter, colder and the nights will take over my brain. Of course, I rather "create" during the night, but summer nights are somehow... better for it. You can sit by the open window and just stare into nowhere, letting the summer air into your lungs without freezing. You simply cannot do it when it's cold, unless your body is ready to get covered in frost, oh woo hoo.

The time of hot tea or chocolate or coffee with milk arrived.
The time of sweaters with deers.
The time of early darkness and lots of candles.

Soon, I will smell apples, cinnamon and hot wine in the air.

14. 9. 2011

Back home from Dublin

And I seriously want to come back there.

Irealnd is such an awesome country! People were so friendly, open and welcoming no matter what, everyone had good mood and whatever you needed, they were more than happy to help you out.
I am still boosted with the good mood I caught in there, I want to thank Ája for being the best travel buddy ever and also miss Caoimhe for being such a perfect guide! Also Hollie, Ilse, Kitty and Stephen for being great!

So, if you ever feel down and depressed, just go to Ireland! It is worth it!

2. 9. 2011

When boredom strikes

Pexeso game.
Game of Thrones theme.
Made entirely by me.
3 hours well spent.


31. 8. 2011

School's about to start

Like cca in a week and I still don't know my timetable.
In June they told everyone that the timetable creating system will be opened the last week in August (the last day being today!!!) AT LEAST.
So I am freaking out. I need to get everything ready before next Thursday, otherwise I'm kinda fucked... shall we say...

Or I am freaking out too much. That's completely normal with me, I guess.

Also waiting for a confirmation mail for a ticket I bought in a very strange system (on the website: fill in your name, e-mail, variable symbol and select the number of tickets. The payment is possible from account to account only, therefore don't forget to write the variable symbol correctly so we can make sure it is you who paid and we can put you rname on the list - WHAT ON EARTH). A friend of mine ordered the ticket about 3 weeks ago and in 16 days she still didn't recieve any confirmation, so she just wrote an e-mail there, slightly pissed off, and recieved an answer saying something like "Oh sorry we forgot to write you, yes, payment successfully done".

It's a sunny late summer/early autumn morning and I have no inspiration whatsoever.
I guess I would end up being awake till 2am again. Lol.

27. 8. 2011


I kinda like those animals, not sure why.
I find them funny at some point, but also very awesome.

I guess this whole deer thing started a couple of years ago in a sport-touristic week we had with our school. We were divided into teams and were told to think of names for the team during the walk we took from place A to place B. We were just chatting and one guy from our team, he had a sort of strange sense of humour, told us a joke which punch line was that "a chivalrous deer will come and visit you".
At that point, some of us didn't understand the joke, some of us were laughing our assess of. And from that very moment we decided our team will be called "Chivalrous deers", in czech "Galantní jeleni". Others were calling us simply "The deers" or one professor who's attitude was "stupid teams have stupid names" called us "Jeleni v ječmeni" (The deers in barley).

So like, a deer became our "totem" animal. Since that I find everything with deer cool.
I possess a few things with deer on it, f.e. a green felt deer "christmas decor" above my bed or a small purse with deer on it. Yesterday I got another deer thing - a pair of beautiful earrings.

A friend of mine, who is also a fan of ASOIAF, told me:
"You told me that you find Stannis Baratheon to be a badass. And you have lots of things with deers. Hey, that makes you a total supporter of the house Baratheon!"
(FYI - house Baratheon has a black crowned stag on gold on their coat of arms)

Eh eh. Everything is now connected with that serie, man. Everyone loves it. Seriously.
Even when I see the czech lion, I always think like - house Lannister copied it.

Who's going crazy? I am.

24. 8. 2011

The story will continue

But only as soon as I will find my blue flashdisc.

I got drowned into my creation. In order to keep it safe I had it only and only on that one flasdisc. I left it by the computer yesterday and then probably put it on the usual place on my bedside table... I think I have seen it in the morning on the table and now when I need it, it is gone.

Just... gone.
Gone with all my twisted world and the effort put into it.

I know it is around here somewhere, IT HAS TO BE. I don't want to lose it. I really don't. I am freaking out. I know I shouldn't. Shouldn't panic. My life doesn't depend on it but it will be very sad to lose such a thing that....

Ah well. I hate losing things I create with love and put so much into them. I already lost a couple of stories with great idea, one was even over 75 A4 pages long and I was strongly determined to finish it, but it was lost as my old computer died.

I hope that when I am back from work with my head messed up with different things than "where is that flashdisc!!!", it will appear.

Right now, I am freaking out again.

22. 8. 2011

It is home!

Finally, a long awaited day for me!

After spending nearly 2 hours at my optician, I managed to get my ass out to the middle of the city, to find this small quiet street where is this small quiet shop, where magic happens.
Few shelves filled with a great amount of stories, that can totally conquer your brain for a long time.

And there, there it was. My order. George R. R. Martin's "A Clash of the Kings", second part of A Song of Ice and Fire.

I couldn't wait until I am back home, so I could smell the paper and the print before I start reading it.
Ah, ah.
What can I say. It is in my hands for only a couple of hours and I am already near the 100th page. About 850 pages more left...

20. 8. 2011

Creepy is being creepy

And so it happened, that on a castle we went with my sister few days ago, we saw a ghost.
Wait, no, my sister did. And she took a picture of it.

Nothing that impressive, I know.
There was just this side tower near one of the main gates and when you looked to the small window from the outside and tried to take a picture, of course the light was all fucked up and it made a picture like this. We just thought it's funny to capture something "creepy" and when we were browsing the pics back home, clicking from the first one to another just made us go "aaaargh, creepy is being creepy!"

My back is sunburnt. Nevermind I put lotion SPF 50+ on it. I am just an easy victim for sunshine.

19. 8. 2011

No, I didn't resist at all.

Well yeah I was tempted because I didn't want to wait until I am back from Ireland (that would be like in a month). So... I ordered the book.

I hope to hold it in my ASOIAF-addicted hands next week, if everything goes fine.
"Squee squee squee!" said the fangirl.

17. 8. 2011

So, like... Game of Thrones season 2?

I became a serious junkie and a fangirl extraordinaire.
I don't remember if there has been anything I've liked so much in my life so far, that I am looking forward to in this crazy way.

Well. I said to myself that I am going to buy the second book (The clash of the kings) after I am back from Ireland, but... I am so tepmted. Seriously, I am tempted to just go, get my fat ass to the bookstore and spend majority of my salary (I just recieved yesterday) and buy myself those 944 pages of another reading-orgasm (lol).

Because I am such an impatient person, that's the thing.

I suck, I read some spoilers from the story, but I really DO WANT to know what is going to happen so I don't have to wait for April 15th, when there is going to be the first episode of Season 2. Yay, yay.
As I was looking for some info (or possible stills from the set!), I got to an article with a list of all the new characters and their cast.
I am impressed with majority of them.
Not so much with one certain actress that has already been in a quite famous HBO serie and she looks like a brat you would just love to punch, but otherwise I think the producers made some great choices.
Mostly with:

Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon

Tom Wlaschiha as Jaqen H'ghar

Gemma Whelan as Asha (Yara) Greyjoy

(all illustrations © Amok)

Hands down.
And April 15, please, come fast.

16. 8. 2011


As a celebration of my blogpost number ONE HUNDRED, I am going to post nothing that much interesting.

Just a thing I sutmbled across while browsing a random tumblr (oh tumblr, you one hell of a site!)
Not to mention I found on one tumblr blog SO MANY drool-like pictures, so it just happened that I spent the previous hour there, just browsing through it. Eh eh.

So, I wish myself another hundred of these mindless and useless posts not many people read.

14. 8. 2011

Back from the forests

I thought the week would be unbearable for me because of some circumstances.
Surprisingly, it went better than I expected.

Every day, running through a forest. I didn't care about the mosquito bites. I didn't care about that I wasn't used to running this much and had to stop every once in a while to catch my breath nor I did care about possibly looking like a complete ass while meeting random mushroom-picking people in the morning.
With Týr in my mp3 player, with beautiful nature around, I felt great. Sorted out some of my thoughts, found new and exciting ones for me to think about in the evening when I couldn't sleep.

Beautiful, beautiful rainy days.

5. 8. 2011

Into the forests

Hopefully I will find my inner peace there and lots of random inspirational things.

Still need to pack my coffee and other stuff, so I can let go and leave for a week and just.. well, just so.
I have no idea why am I writing this, probably to leave something here for you to wonder. Totally irrelevant.


So, leaving for a while to let my fantasy grow.
And also for your own entertainment leaving here soem fabulous thing I found out some days ago. Wish they could make this show happen!

2. 8. 2011

Sooooo not there

My mind is away most of the time, in past days.

All I ask is to have a quiet place where noone will ever disturb me, so I could get into my creative mood. When I finally settle down, *BAM*, something is there, something very disturbing is there and it doesn't want to leave. It only wants attention. It is only nagging and pissing the hell out of me. Is it too much for me to ask?
Is it so difficult to see, when I have closed my door, put my headphones on it means I want to be left alone, without anyone asking if I am allright, if I need anything or just go and be there, staring at me?
Obviously it is. And screaming at you "GET OUT doesn't help at all, it seems.
I don't know what more shall I do, how else shall I show you I want to have my quiet peace.

Therefore, I create during the nights. I sleep few hours a day, just to get my mind settled and embrace the inspiring darkness, which helps me to create and live inside my world.

And that's all.

1. 8. 2011


I fucked up my blog design, shame on me. Gonna work my ass off to put it back in some order -_-

30. 7. 2011

Despair and boredom

Just so...

I can't be bothered anymre, really.
Don't know if it's partially this gloomy rainy weather's fault, but right now I feel like my life is not going anywhere, after yesterday's conversation with a workmate.

Talking about your life? Check.
Talking about when you want to get married and have kids? Check.
Talking about the times you loved when you were a kid yourself? Check.
Talking about not fulfilling the expectations you had for your current age when you were a kid? Check.
Talking about how there isn't a man crazy enough to fall for you? Check.
Talking about how is it going to feel when you die? Check.
Talking about if there's any afterlife? Check.
Talking about how it's going to look like? Check.
Talking abotu suicidal tendencies? Check.

All within 20 damn minutes and your dreams are shattered to millions of tiny pieces.

Not like I want to lose hope, but sometimes I start to believe there isn't any.

23. 7. 2011

My new bible

Thank you my lovely sister!

Now I've got 800 pages of pure awesomeness for myself. Ah, ah...

Game of Thrones

22. 7. 2011

A bittersweet day


Well, my facebook newsfeed is filled with impressions from San Diego Comic Con where the cast of Game of Thrones was.
All interviews with the cast (f.e. Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Jason Momoa) and all that jazz, I became really jealous I wasn't there. Meh. Also there was a 6 minutes clip to present on the ComicCon what happened on GoT SO FAR, and that made me go like this:

"I SERIOUSLY WANT NEW SERIE NOW!!!!!!!! Or the books, also now."


And the other "bittersweet" stuff - yesterday I have seen the last Harry Potter.
That means that one era that I liked just ended :O and there will be no more new Potter adventures :(
When it comes to the movie... (SPOILER ALERT and EXPECTATIONS DESTROYER?)

18. 7. 2011

I cannot wait!


OK I admit, holidays are going to be over and school madness will start all over again, but as my summer holidays aren't anything that much special so far, I am looking forward to the second week of September.
You ask why?


I'm sure it's going to be a great post-summer & pre-school adventure, since I'm going there with my most 'messed-up-in-the-very-best-way' friend Ája and what's more, lovely miss Kweev I know from VF is going to be so lovely and act as our guide through the irish capital and show us what this city has to offer.

I mean how awesome it is?
Very awesome it is.

So my task now is to survive the following weeks and then... Imímis, Baile Átha Cliath!

17. 7. 2011

Damn insomnia

Or more likely "damn the evening coffee at work" (though it was delicious).

I was trying to fall asleep from 2am till 3am - didn't work. So I switched the computer on again, watched another episode of Expedition Impossible, My Little Pony and as I was so bored and in the need of sleep, I made few gif images (woohoo, finally!). Then it was nearly 5am and I noticed the sun rising... so I went out to try and take a couple of pictures - didn't work aswell.
Came back home, finished another gif image, watched another MLP and then it was about 6.30.. em, time to sleep?
I believe I fell asleep around 7, but woke up at 9.

I think my afternoon is going to be spent in bed, catching up some sleep. Ha, ha, ha.

15. 7. 2011


When a man grows long hair and a beard, gets a sword and looks like a medieval lord, he turns sexy and more awesome. At least for me.


Gonna give you some examples, though they are (nearly) all from one show, but it proves my point.
[Legend: Name of the actor (name of the displayed character; show)]

Sean Bean (Eddard Stark; Game of Thrones)

Jamie Sives (Jory Cassel; Game of Thrones)

Kit Harington (Jon Snow; Game of Thrones)

BUT let's not stay stuck with only fantasy/medieval/viking warriors. Let's turn ourselves to God.

François Arnaud (Cesare Borgia; The Borgias)

And now you have the right to call me a hopeless maniac. Ah ah.

11. 7. 2011

RIP Nedu the guineapig (20.6.2010-11.7.2011)

Today we had to put my beloved punk guineapig Nedu to sleep :(

He was only one year old, but sadly, his back teeth grew very fast and therefore over the past week he could barely eat anything and he almost drooled everything out :(
It was sad to see him crawling for food but when he started eating, he just couldn't swallow it :( The vet was fair enough to tell us that even if we would invest up to 5000 CZK for an operation, where they would chop the teeth a bit off, but as rodents are small animals they wouldn't have to survive the narcose.. and even if he would, the teeth would grow back in the same way.
So, as sad and difficult as it was for me and my sis, it was the best choice to put him to sleep than to torture him with some operation with uncertain result or having him at home for a week where he would starve slowly to death :(

It was sad to see him there, if he could speak I am sure he would say something like "why are you leaving me here, don't you love me?" aw dear, I shouldn't think of it like that, but... *sigh* he was like a family member. So I pet him for the last time and said "bye Nedu..." and left the vet. I think that he fell asleep within 20 minutes..

I'm going to miss my lovely punk piggie friend.
Even before we went to the vet this morning, he was still running around the flat and making all the silly stuff he always did...

Well, Nedu, you were a fun furry friend for me, rest in peace, I am going to miss you A LOT, but you are in a place with all piggie friends and feel no pain <3

29. 6. 2011

Oh god, PONIES!

Don't know why, but I started watching My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.

I remember watching the old cartoons when I was a kid... or at least I guess it was My Little Pony. It has to! Because I don't remember any more cartoons that had SO MUCH colorful ponies.
I know I even had 2 pony dolls (and one was glowing in the dark!). Then I borrowed one pony to one girl from my nursery school and she never returned it back to me, bitch!

Though, this MLP-FIM I am watching now... Oh God. So much sillyness going on there that it leaves me no time for thinking abotu serious stuff that is occupying my mind usually 24/7.

I want a T-shirt with Applejack! PLEASE.

28. 6. 2011

Gem crafting

Been playing this game last summer, when I was stuck.
And I discovered it again few days ago.


You have a map and a route. At the end of the route there is your base you have to defend against the monsters coming in waves out of a den at the beginning of a route. The way how you defeat them, is by building towers, to which you place gems. You can combine the gems in order to create higher level gem and make the most powerful combination gem to defeat them all monsters.
Now I just can't get myself over the first "epic" level and "epic boss". I know that the last time it also took me quite some time to pass that, but I made it. Ha ha, summer procrastination, here we go!

Only bad thing is that it's an online game and I can't download it and play it when I'm in Slovakia next week, where I have no internet access. Oh boo.

27. 6. 2011

Summer stuckness

Well, here we go again.

Summer holidays started properly and I am just stuck with my own boredom. I have not so much interesting plans for summer, people I'd like to hang out with are somewhere faaaaaaar far away, I have to go to work only a couple of evenings in a week and when I try to look for something I could do during the day (and what would also help me with paying my debts!), just nothing.
When you don't have any connections, you kinda have no chance of getting a good work when you don't want to be stuck in a supermarket, callcenter or sell some toys "for a good cause" in the streets.

I plan to visit my lovely friend in Pilsen. The only question is, if she will have time for me, because it has been so long since the last time we have seen :( I kinda miss her.

My only hope for some awesome adventure is a trip to Dublin in September.
Going there with Ája and about to meet miss Kweev there, it is going to be awesome. It has to be!
And I am taking my plushie Lipizanner with me.

20. 6. 2011

Old horse friends

Yesterday with my best friends we went to see a place, where one of our favorite horses lives.
I have to admit he is something like "the horse of my life", because the first time we "met", I was 7 years and he was 6.

That horse, Koran, is going to turn 20 next February.
He is still a darling, and I was surprised he still remembered all us three. The owner now said that whenever someone new comes, he is all grumpy and nasty, but to us he came with bright eyes and he was stretching his neck towards us. Such an awesome feeling, to know that a horse rememberes you after those few years you haven't seen him...

When he was young, he was this dark grey horse, but as he was growing older, he was turning more white. And now he is white, only with those small brown dots.
Still, he has one of the most interesting horse personality.

So Koran, hang in there. You're going to live up 30, or even more, I'm sure!

19. 6. 2011

Late night thoughts

Why yes, I am a hopeless dreamer.

I'm living inside my head full of fantasy and unreal scenarios, but the odd thing is that they keep me alive from the real world. I need my twisted mind in order to make the real life more pleasant for myself.

Who cares that the man of my dreams doesn't exist in person, or I haven't met him yet? He is in my mind, telling me he will come one day with a kiss full of love.

I know he is hiding somewhere out there.
In these matters, the ancient Greeks were right. You know that Zeus created man with 4 arms, 4 legs and 2 heads. But then he feared that man would become more powerful than gods themselves, so he cut a man in a half - each half had one face, 2 arms and 2 legs. Therefore, humans have been forced to spend the rest of their lives in finding their other half.
I know mine is somewhere. It needs only patience and belief.

But sometimes it's difficult. When you just walk around in the streets, you can't help but notice all those happy couples. You say it's nice to see someone happy, but at the same time some little devil at the very back of your soul is screaming and destroying everything in despair, asking "why, why am I alone? What if I remain alone?"

Well, as I said. He is waiting for me somewhere, or I am waiting for him. I just pray to every possible spirit or god, that he is not too far away, because I am afraid I couldn't cope with a long-distance relationship anymore... not now at least.

So dear sir, wherever you are, please, let me know soon. I am waiting.

16. 6. 2011

Seasonal changes in music taste

Or at least listening.
I've just realised that.

During winter I'm listening to lots of neofolk and dark ambient.
During summer, here we go, METAL!

Because I've found myself listening to lots of metal songs lately that make me think of some epic journeys around the world and stuff like that... (yes the brightest example is Týr and my intentions to go hiking to Norway or roadtrip through Faroe Islands and horseriding in Iceland or biking in Sweden).

And in winter things like DV or Di6 make me think how winter is grim and dark and just pessimistic. Whee.

This post maybe doesn't make much sense, but.. who cares (:

15. 6. 2011

Museum night 2011 vol 2 - pictures

So here are the promised pics.
Nothing extra in quality, but at least I have a proof I was helping out.

I was in charge of the contestant registration
Quiz in process (I was moving the slides)

And I even could keep the university T-shirt I was wearing :D
It's a very cool t-shirt!

says: Biology faculty of UK (=Univerzita Karlova = Charles university)

Next year, I am willing to help aswell. Even though it would mean being up till.. well. At 1am it was the official end. Then we had to clean everything up. Took at least 30 minutes, and then catching some tram or so... well, managed to crawl to my bed around 3am :D

But it was worth it!

12. 6. 2011

Museum night 2011

So as my sis works in the university library, the faculty decided to take part in this year's museum night (night when majority of museums or similar institutions are opened till 1am and for free) and she asked me if I want to help with the organisation.

Well of course I wanted!
With her and her other collegue we were leading geography quiz, and it was fun! The people who took part as official contestants said it was an awesome idea. We were reading pieces of some travel books from 19/20th century and the contestans had to guess the location that was described there.

Even met my high school english teacher there who was surprised to see me, asked if I study here in the faculty of nature sciences, so I just said that no, but I study museum and gallery services, so therefore the whole concept of museum night is pretty much close to me.

I'll have some pictures in few days, well.

9. 6. 2011

Alles im Ordnung

Exams done.

Only tomorrow for last two signatures and I'm done with school for 2010/2011.

5. 6. 2011

2 exams to go

...and if I pass them, I am done with school for year 2010/2011.

Economy tomorrow.
Test is going to have 70 in total, and to pass the subject I need to get at least 6 points. I think I am going to make it.

Database systems on Thursday.
Test is going to have again 70 points in total, and to pass the subject I need at least 7 points. Well, I know I am going to pass it, because last week I've been lstudying for it like mad (because I was writing shitloads of correction tests so I could get enough points to be even let to the exam, and in the end the professor tells me that I got the needed amount 2 correction tests before, so I didn't have to bother myself. Damnit... :D ).

Even though I have so many rants going on inside my head, I kinda block them and let them bother me in my dreams. It's quite good have to say.
All those shitty events that happened to me in past month now don't seem to get to me when I am awake, but they change themselves to pretty disturbing dreams, that I luckilly don't remember that much. Only unimportant scraps. And for my dream diary they would make it to one sentence, that wouldn't make sense at all. That's fair enough.

3. 6. 2011

My great-great-great-great-grandfather

He was a total badass, seriously.

Josephus von Vychner.

High officer of austro-hungarian army, he was an important persona in austro-sardinian wars. From what my dad and me found out do far, he had a great success in the battle of Melegnano in 1848 and was probably given a title because of Joseph Radetzky von Radetz's reference.

He became a really wealthy and honoured man in the army, he earned a lot of money and some summer castle near Vienna. But, unfortunately, he was that kind of a man who enjoyed life on the maximum volume. During the years he lost all his possesions because he liked casinos, wine and women.
Man, Grandpa, if you weren't like that, I could have been living a high-society life in Vienna now...

When I was taking more detailed pictures of the only photograph we have, I tried to look for the names of the medals he has. I am only 100% on the second one from right, it's called "Signum laudis", it's a military merit medal. And then the biggest one on the left, it looks like some lesser medal of the "Order of the Golden Fleece" (which is a very old order, mind you!).

And I really want to look for more information about that man.
When my dad wanted to find some more information about him in his birthplace, he was told that the archive burned down during the WW2, so all the registries from basically 16th century till that very day were simply gone.

I still think that if I would really want to find some more about him, I shall get my ass to Vienna and look for some registry of austro-hungarian officers. If he was this kind of a high officer, there really must be some trace of him, somewhere!

This I shall declare one of my quests.

1. 6. 2011

Eh, exams.

So today my exam period started.

With a tiiiiiiiny little bit of cheat I think I did rather good on my Information technology exam today.

And tomorrow it's probably the most difficult one, law. I managed to get through 30 pages out of cca 120, and even from those 30 I don't feel like I know anything. I am actually thinking that I will be one of those people who will be repeating the exam. But maybe I will have this awesome luck and pass it, even though with minimum points.

23. 5. 2011

A Mind's Whispers

A new blog.

A Mind's Whispers

Dream diary purpose.

Because I believe someone will tell me what the hell is wrong with me and what do they mean.

21. 5. 2011

TIME. Stop running so fast...

A month ago I said my database project shall be done in a while so I wouldn't have to bother myself with it 2 days before deadline.
And what is in my mind now? That certain project. I am such a hardcore procrastinator, it's just unbelieveable have to say. Well, I'd better have it done today, otherwise I am really screwed, I need points for that subject.

Or better to say, I am failing terribly because my mind is completely shattered and I can't concentrate nor focus or anything. It couldn't have come in a BETTER MOMENT, seriously. While the other side is just having fun there, I am sitting here, thinking what the fuck did I do wrong he decided to say "let's break up" and that's in my mind 24/7, this fucking despair, and combined with stress from school it's just a fucked up combination that doesn't leave you in peace even for a single second.

I want it to be over. At least today is the end of the world, I can't be bothered anymore...

19. 5. 2011

Weird dreams

Past week, I have been having really strange dreams.
I don't know what they mean. I don't understand them. I rather decided to write them down somewhere, hoping that one day someone will tell me the meaning of them properly.

I am very sad, very tired, very anxious and simply feel like a fly trapped in a jar, trying to get out but hitting the glass constantly.

Anyone, explain this to me?

"Running around a city at night, randomly taking pictures. Recognising 80% of the places, I seem to be in Prague.

Some tourist leaving a pub asks me for directions, I happen to have a map I don't need, the tourist buys it from me.

Someone calls me, I don't see the number, I hear a familiar voice, so I ask "What do you need, why are you calling me? You know we stopped talking some time ago." - "I am aware of the fact, but I wanted to hear how are you doing, I miss talking to you."

I am at home having a cup of coffee, writing something."

18. 5. 2011

Well, nothing lasts forever.

Remember 30 days photo challenge?

Remember day number 14?

A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without?

Apparently, now I have to imagine my life without that person, as we unfortunately decided to break up. From his side, not an easy decision, he said. From my side, few days full of tears.
Reasons were that we behaved more like friends than lovers lately; that the distance is difficult to bear; that any of us isn't ready to make the sacrifice of leaving one's country and moving to the other one's.

It is hard for me. I loved him, well I still do, but to tell the truth, now on a different level.
He decided it shall be over, he doesn't believe in the relationship anymore and I cannot force him to love me and stay with me, I can only respect it and deal with it.

I am grateful for the time we have spent together, for all the fun we had, for all the hugs, kisses and sweet words that I am going to miss and I don't regret any "I love you" I told him.

And glad that we did say "goodbye" to each other in a friendly way.
Lost a lover, gained a good friend.

4. 5. 2011


The content.
Very long, very difficult to learn even though it is explained in a stupidity-proof form.

You know, the more I read it, the less I seem to understand it. And I have to write a test from it tomorrow. Ah well. Let's just hope for the best possible result, that I won't fail terribly...

I seriously have read every damn letter or punctuation mark in the law materials I have. I am getting tired and I feel like if you ask me something, I won't be able to tell you the right answer, boo...

Meanwhile, it's 2:0 in an ice hockey match for us, we are playing with Finland.

3. 5. 2011

Rainy days

They are awesome.
They are perfect for being at home, having a cup of coffee 24/7 in front of you and watching some movies. Or series (aka I have just found an awesome serie called "Game of Thrones" and "The Borgias", also catching up on "Spartacus: Gods of Arena").
Shame that the exams are getting closer and closer and my procrastination level is higher than ever. I stil think they should make it a school subject.

To comment latest news, that I don't do very often:

1. The Royal wedding
Indeed a nice event, ate 6 hours of my day. It is nice to see there are countries that have monarchy, but shame to see czech people ocmmenting "oh i wish we had monarchy just because of cool weddings like that!" Then, my dear czech idiots, you shouldn't have let T. G. Masaryk made a damn republic out of our lands after the WW1. And also, the monarchy has never been officially cancelled in here, so.. we still are one.
Anyway, wishing the couple the best of luck. And adding a silly picture afterwards:

2. Beatification of the Pope John Paul II.
And also christianity is still alive (and dying? jk). I respected Karol Wojtyla as a person, who managed to give the church a friendlier face. So, even though I am not in the church, I agree with this move.

3. Bin Laden dead?
Who believes that?
Either he is still hiding somewhere or he is dead for a long time now, I don't believe it. I think it was the right move for Obama raising his popularity before elections, but.. the only way for me to believe this is to se his corpse on few different pictures. The fact that "they buried him into the sea" feeds my non-believing even more.
And Americans with their flag waving "we killed him fuck yeah" should seriously go to hell and dine there along with other terrorists.


Back to school.

27. 4. 2011

Man, I am lazy!

And how.

Should be pimping my database project.
Should be learning for law test.
Should be starting my economics presentation.


Right now, I am just a person without any perspective and motivation, just surviving day by day, looking forward only to get myself in bed and fall asleep.
Something must be seriously wrong.

26. 4. 2011

Day 5 - A Film That Reminds You of Someone

Shergar (imdb)

Seen that movie when I was about 12, at my friend's place, and of course, that friend owns few horses. It always reminds me of her, because she dedicated her whole life to help horses in need.

And not to mention the movie is very touching and very beautiful.

15. 4. 2011

Day 4 - A Film You Watch to Feel Down

Donnie Darko (imdb)

I had such  mixed feelings after watching this. The song at the end, just made me cry.
Had creepy dreams, was without mood for at least a week, doubted myself for a long time and didn't even enjoy my coffee because of how strange this movie was.

13. 4. 2011

Day 3 - A Film You Watch to Feel Good

Der Untergang (imdb)

Say whatever you want.
I like movies with WW2 theme, no matter on which side (Germany-USSR-add "participating" country of your own choice) the main characters stand. (Though I have to admit I have a weak spot for german side, purely because of their uniform style.)
Der Untergang is a very strong movie. In other movies portraying Hitler you see him as a choleric, ambitious, ruthless leader, yet in here he seems more like a random broken old man who still believes, but when his hopes are torn to pieces, he reacts with a desperate decision.

And here I go to my point, why I put this movie under "a film I watch to feel good" - glad that I live in these days. You don't necessary have to understand it, it is hard to explain, but this is a fact.

11. 4. 2011

Day 2 - Your Least Favorite Film

Centurion (imdb)

I can't say there is one certain movie I totally dislike, but this one came to my mind as the first one.
This one was a proper waste of 90 minutes of my life. Wannabe this epic movie with female bloodthirsty mute killer who -no matter how dirty and nasty things she does- she still manages to look like a super clean top model, posing, with flawless make-up. And so. Not to mention that a MODEL shall stay a MODEL and shouldn't mess into acting.
The plot was kinda stupid. And the "good guys", they are annoying as hell, so you'd be totally on a side of the baddies. And you would enjoy seeing the good guys die, believe me.
I was skipping half of the movie. Luckilly.