4. 11. 2010

Candles are burning

And I am taking cliché pictures of them, as usual.

02 November 2010.
Here in the Czech Republic we celebrate "Dušičky" aka translated to something like "little souls" - day of remembering our dead ancestors and lighting some candles on their grave.

All the cemeteries have very interesting atmosphere. How many of you ever took a walk on the graveyard in the evening? I could see only lights from those burning candles, otherwise it was dark, dark and once again dark.

I have to admit, it was a bit of creepy feeling, since the graveyard I visited was like in the middle of (city) forest and in the neighbourhood is an amazing baroque church, which's bells were ringing all the time.
And of course, I had even more creeps since I was there about 10 minutes before the gates were about to close, so my head was full of thoughts like "what am I going to do if I will end up locked here?"

Fortunately, I made it and then I noticed a sign on the gate that because of this day the gates are opened till the 8 in the evening. How lovely :)

But now, the pictures.