1. 10. 2010

I would soooooo travel!

Somewhere far far away.

Just to forget about the stuff I have here and for about 3 months be just away, to forget about daily stupid stuff like checking my e-mails, being at school listening to probably important stuff, travelling there and back surrounded by nervous people that are in a rush from one hell to another, being nasty to others because they are grumpy.

Take me somewhere to the middle of nowhere, lake surrounded by mountains or a rocky island surrounded by the ocean, where the wind will be whispering ancient tales and water will be singing old songs.

I'm a little bit of dreamer in this matter, but I can't help it.
I still want to seek some certain tranquility that I can only find while travelling to the lands that are literally "in the middle of nowhere", distant from this crazy concrete jungle I live in.

But can you blame me?
No. For the beauty like this I am ready to give up modern jungle and just fly away.

And away, till I'm on the very edge.

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