31. 10. 2010

Sad, sad autumn

Well, with October at the very end, I am full of memories and a bit of sadness.

Don't know if it's the season's fault, but I feel somehow tired, dying, sad, emotional and without mood and hope.
It's a strange feeling, not knowing what you want to do and that everyone around you seems more happier than you are. The feeling you are losing someone you love and that you don't want to let this certain someone go...

Why is that?

November, here I am, please be nice and calm, without the lovely up'n'downs as this October was. I think I wouldn't stand it anymore.

Or then I just need to STFU and get a life (:

12. 10. 2010

Photographer's morning

9th October
6.30 - 7.45 am
Prague Castle, Prague, CZ

(simple as that)

8. 10. 2010

Autumn! Autumn! Autumn!


Trees started being colorful again and the weather forecast says that tomorrow morning shall be mists!
I'm planning to get up as early as I can to catch the sunrise on the Prague castle and eventually the mist. Hopefully the pictures will come out OK, since the first time I actually did this thing, they came out perfect.

One of the shots I managed to do there was the first Prague Castle guard changing. Actually, not changing, since it was the first guard.. so they just arrived, did their lovely routine and that was it.
I was the only photographer there, how lovely :)

1. 10. 2010

I would soooooo travel!

Somewhere far far away.

Just to forget about the stuff I have here and for about 3 months be just away, to forget about daily stupid stuff like checking my e-mails, being at school listening to probably important stuff, travelling there and back surrounded by nervous people that are in a rush from one hell to another, being nasty to others because they are grumpy.

Take me somewhere to the middle of nowhere, lake surrounded by mountains or a rocky island surrounded by the ocean, where the wind will be whispering ancient tales and water will be singing old songs.

I'm a little bit of dreamer in this matter, but I can't help it.
I still want to seek some certain tranquility that I can only find while travelling to the lands that are literally "in the middle of nowhere", distant from this crazy concrete jungle I live in.

But can you blame me?
No. For the beauty like this I am ready to give up modern jungle and just fly away.

And away, till I'm on the very edge.