8. 9. 2010

Why, yes, I'm a coffee addict!

Believe it or not.
I guess I already wrote something about my likings for coffee so therefore I don't have to repeat myself that much.

The point is, I haven't been in some cafeteria for a long time, to enjoy a nice cup of Algerian/Irish/Viennese coffee. Sitting in some café with a nice book has its own atmosphere that is to die for, however, when one does not have money, it's hard so all I have left is the "good old home made coffee". Not that I'd be complaining.

But in my country lately the "american style coffee" has become more and more popular. In my opinion, this american coffee culture is just sick. Drinking bad coffee with shitloads of sugar and weird flavors from a plastic cup? Well pardon me, it IS nasty. Coffee is supposed to be COFFEE, not some kind of "coffee-based drink with chocolate&cream&sugar&caramel&strawberry flavor". But let the americans drink their..coffee.. as they want. I'm not drinking it. Never. Because those american coffee companies that are invading my country (yes Starbucks I am talking about you) sell the coffee for a horrendous price.

Really. I'd rather get a coffee from a small nice cafeteria for a good price, than to drnik this sugar-bombed coffee for shitloads of money...

2 komentáře:

  1. omg i need that cookie!! :O gimme! gimme! gimme! *puppy eyes*

  2. well come and get it *shmoopy*