28. 9. 2010

Svatý Václave, vojvodo české země...

"Saint Wenceslas, the leader of bohemian land, our duke, praise the God for us, and the Holy spirit, kyrie eleison."

Well hello there, 28th of September 929, the day, when St.Wenceslas was murdered in the town of Stará Boleslav by the hand of his brother Boleslav.
Thsi day is a public holiday in my country and the religious people here usually travel to the town Stará Boleslav (well nowadays Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, since these two cities were put together in 1960) and attend the mass.

Actually, I am a little bit of sick, hearing the name of our parton. Not because I'd be anti-religious or wouldn't honor the important historical people from our loooooong history, but because I spent about year and half working on a documentary about Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav. So I somehow now have this kind of love-hate relationship whenever I hear about the city, or the saint.

And today I have few more things to say, those things are actually meant for american filmmakers, that they shouldn't mess with czech national cultural heritage.
Few years ago in my country, I believe it was during Christmas, they showed a movie called Good King Wenceslas. Based on this lovely czech legend.

Seriously I would LOVE to meet the director and slap his butt and punch his face for RUINING czech legend. The film itself was just horrible way of re-formating traditional czech legend to typical american bullshit.
What pissed me off even more, to read comments under the title on imdb (see link above).
"It is a very helpful film for those who would like to learn something of Czech history." 
No seriously, it isn't. It is full of american crap. You, author of the comment, should be slapped aswell. What hurts even more is to see that the author says he/she is from the CZ. How sad.

Point number two about americans ruining czech legends - THE PAGAN QUEEN.
Sick, so sick, so sick... Don't bother googling or watching. It will scare the shit out of you. Horrible boring movie, with horrible czech actors that will just make you laugh, under american production. Sad, sad movie, ruining another beautiful czech legend...

Well, to stop this completely useless rant, I shall go on with thinking that today in the building of Rudolfinum is a projection of a silent movie about St. Wenceslas, that had to be hidden for 80 years and now this masterpiece shall be seen again...

St. Wenceslas on a house in Stará Boleslav

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