19. 9. 2010

The stupid problems of Myself

Part One:
I'm totally dead in the matter of knowledge and some creative writing. Having holidays for 4 months is just too much for me and you can easily tell, that I wasn't doing anything that would take my energy away. Then I'm wondering I have problems with sleeping and so...

Part Two:
I'm constantly fighting with myself. My Adventure Me with my Financial Me; me Creative Me with my Dead-end Me; my Loving me with my Introverted Me. Wars that will be on the schedule for quite a long time with an unknown result.

Part Three:
My inspiration is just on the frozen point. Complete frozen point.
and all is relative as our thoughts and lives and the meaning of all of us.

Part Four:
I'm going mad from all these things and it is nicely seen in this empty and pointless entry. Just for you to say "my god I'm glad I'm not in this girl's skin, she must have shitloads of issues.." Well, then.

The End:
I don't know myself, I need to sort out my thoughts. Anyone has any tip, or a know-how? I'll be happy for anything, but the result is in the darkness of the future.

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