3. 9. 2010


Friday evening.
Majority of the people I know are somewhere out, enjoying themselves in some pub or so.. but I kinda don't care and I'm not going to write about my social life now :D

Today I've been for my time table to see what has the college in store for me. Actually I'm pleased. Nothing too stupid in case of timetable. Yay!
Every second Tuesday I have a basically free day, sicne my only lessons are in the morning and every Friday I have free. FREE. FREE FRIDAY! A thing everyone wants :D Well.. not everyone, but most of the students. I have heard a case that one student has all Friday free, but had lessons in the evening from 6pm. Friday evening, 6pm. A bit scary, isn't it? Imagine the fun time parties you would miss... and mind you, I'm not a party person myself.

But what I kinda dislike is the way there and back. I hate travelling by metro.. and I need to transfer from one line to another. Hate hate hate hate. Last 4 years I have been using metro for like 3 stops and even those started being very long and boring. And I'm not talking about me being freaked out or at least uncomfortable in the metro train... well, nevermind, nevermind ;)

Realised it's evening, actually nearly 10pm and it shows even here. I am talking(well writing...) pure shit so I'd better end.

Good night.

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