31. 8. 2010

Horses ♥

Few previous days I've spent in a small village in western Bohemia with my four legged friends - horses. I do horseriding for about 13 years now, but not very often. It's more like "holiday activity" for me.

All the time I'm looking forward to see my beloved white Thoroughbred horse called My Fair Lady. It's a horse with a sad story, since her mother died when she was only 3 days. I had to find my own way to her when my friend got her as a 1 year old, so it wasn't a love on the first sight for me. Soon love on the third sight or so.
But since then she is my number one horse.

Ready to get our asses out to the wilderness
Some people say that everytime I arrive to that place, she's looking forward to see me and she somehow "feels" I'm about to arrive. Everytime I see her after a long time, she is always the first horse to greet me. Still, sometimes she's just a stubborn horse making complete fun of me, shoving me I'm just a silly human that wants to be the master of a horse.

But as the time goes by, I think the horse really respects me, as much as I respect the horse. And of course, it's known that horse and his "master" should have the same character... indeed. We're both pretty much stubborn bitches, pretty mean to people we dislike, really a magnet to some sort of stupid injuries and sometimes lazy as hell, but when it comes to things we like, we go on until we "drop dead". :)

Sure I had more of the so-called "destiny horses" in my life, but I guess I'll come back to them a bit later, since they deserve their own "article".

My Fair Lady, as a Bloodhorse, is supposed to be successfull in horseracing. But since she's 7 years old and not in training, she is just a "hobby" horse. How bad it sounds, I really think it's good for her because of her bad past. Still, she really enjoys running as fast as she can (and she is damn fast, she has a great bloodline!), but nowadays she's getting better and better in jumping.
Well, she's just my lovely white lady. I'll be always there for her no matter what. Just shame that she is quite far away from the place I live in, so I can't see her as much as I'd want to.

I guess that pointless talking about my baby horse is enough for today :D

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