11. 12. 2010

Changes and changes


Well, well, well.
I moved. From one place to another.

Just writing with an opposite side of Europe and watching guineapig trying to run on slippery wooden floor making silly noises.

...and so. Nothing interesting at all shall we say (:

4. 11. 2010

Candles are burning

And I am taking cliché pictures of them, as usual.

02 November 2010.
Here in the Czech Republic we celebrate "Dušičky" aka translated to something like "little souls" - day of remembering our dead ancestors and lighting some candles on their grave.

All the cemeteries have very interesting atmosphere. How many of you ever took a walk on the graveyard in the evening? I could see only lights from those burning candles, otherwise it was dark, dark and once again dark.

I have to admit, it was a bit of creepy feeling, since the graveyard I visited was like in the middle of (city) forest and in the neighbourhood is an amazing baroque church, which's bells were ringing all the time.
And of course, I had even more creeps since I was there about 10 minutes before the gates were about to close, so my head was full of thoughts like "what am I going to do if I will end up locked here?"

Fortunately, I made it and then I noticed a sign on the gate that because of this day the gates are opened till the 8 in the evening. How lovely :)

But now, the pictures.

31. 10. 2010

Sad, sad autumn

Well, with October at the very end, I am full of memories and a bit of sadness.

Don't know if it's the season's fault, but I feel somehow tired, dying, sad, emotional and without mood and hope.
It's a strange feeling, not knowing what you want to do and that everyone around you seems more happier than you are. The feeling you are losing someone you love and that you don't want to let this certain someone go...

Why is that?

November, here I am, please be nice and calm, without the lovely up'n'downs as this October was. I think I wouldn't stand it anymore.

Or then I just need to STFU and get a life (:

12. 10. 2010

Photographer's morning

9th October
6.30 - 7.45 am
Prague Castle, Prague, CZ

(simple as that)

8. 10. 2010

Autumn! Autumn! Autumn!


Trees started being colorful again and the weather forecast says that tomorrow morning shall be mists!
I'm planning to get up as early as I can to catch the sunrise on the Prague castle and eventually the mist. Hopefully the pictures will come out OK, since the first time I actually did this thing, they came out perfect.

One of the shots I managed to do there was the first Prague Castle guard changing. Actually, not changing, since it was the first guard.. so they just arrived, did their lovely routine and that was it.
I was the only photographer there, how lovely :)

1. 10. 2010

I would soooooo travel!

Somewhere far far away.

Just to forget about the stuff I have here and for about 3 months be just away, to forget about daily stupid stuff like checking my e-mails, being at school listening to probably important stuff, travelling there and back surrounded by nervous people that are in a rush from one hell to another, being nasty to others because they are grumpy.

Take me somewhere to the middle of nowhere, lake surrounded by mountains or a rocky island surrounded by the ocean, where the wind will be whispering ancient tales and water will be singing old songs.

I'm a little bit of dreamer in this matter, but I can't help it.
I still want to seek some certain tranquility that I can only find while travelling to the lands that are literally "in the middle of nowhere", distant from this crazy concrete jungle I live in.

But can you blame me?
No. For the beauty like this I am ready to give up modern jungle and just fly away.

And away, till I'm on the very edge.

28. 9. 2010

Svatý Václave, vojvodo české země...

"Saint Wenceslas, the leader of bohemian land, our duke, praise the God for us, and the Holy spirit, kyrie eleison."

Well hello there, 28th of September 929, the day, when St.Wenceslas was murdered in the town of Stará Boleslav by the hand of his brother Boleslav.
Thsi day is a public holiday in my country and the religious people here usually travel to the town Stará Boleslav (well nowadays Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, since these two cities were put together in 1960) and attend the mass.

Actually, I am a little bit of sick, hearing the name of our parton. Not because I'd be anti-religious or wouldn't honor the important historical people from our loooooong history, but because I spent about year and half working on a documentary about Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav. So I somehow now have this kind of love-hate relationship whenever I hear about the city, or the saint.

And today I have few more things to say, those things are actually meant for american filmmakers, that they shouldn't mess with czech national cultural heritage.
Few years ago in my country, I believe it was during Christmas, they showed a movie called Good King Wenceslas. Based on this lovely czech legend.

Seriously I would LOVE to meet the director and slap his butt and punch his face for RUINING czech legend. The film itself was just horrible way of re-formating traditional czech legend to typical american bullshit.
What pissed me off even more, to read comments under the title on imdb (see link above).
"It is a very helpful film for those who would like to learn something of Czech history." 
No seriously, it isn't. It is full of american crap. You, author of the comment, should be slapped aswell. What hurts even more is to see that the author says he/she is from the CZ. How sad.

Point number two about americans ruining czech legends - THE PAGAN QUEEN.
Sick, so sick, so sick... Don't bother googling or watching. It will scare the shit out of you. Horrible boring movie, with horrible czech actors that will just make you laugh, under american production. Sad, sad movie, ruining another beautiful czech legend...

Well, to stop this completely useless rant, I shall go on with thinking that today in the building of Rudolfinum is a projection of a silent movie about St. Wenceslas, that had to be hidden for 80 years and now this masterpiece shall be seen again...

St. Wenceslas on a house in Stará Boleslav

23. 9. 2010


Seems like the autumn is really here and everything related with it.

I'm starting to feel tired all day long and I just want to stay in bed as long as I can. During the day, of course. When evening hits, I'm like "wooooohoooo let's party!" and I stay up till 3am without any need of sleep. Seriously annoying I say.

That means I kinda have to mention the topic I've been writing the most about (yet).


No, don't worry, I won't spam you with anything about that since my mind is completely empty after spending the whole day at school. Well don't you hate it when the lecture you have in the middle of your time table is cancelled? That just happened to me today. It wouldn't be that bad, actually, but after a pointless hour and half spent walking through a cemetery we have behind the school building I came back to school and other group from my year just finished their Economy class (which I have in the afternoon). What was my surprise when I found out that some of the people who were supposed to be in my group for the cancelled lesson were on this Economy lesson, so they wouldn't have to go in the afternoon.

Seriously, fuck it. My mood-meter just dropped below zero and it wasn't very useful for the next lecture I had, the Communication and presentation techniques.

I am starting to feel a little bit like an useless idiot again.

19. 9. 2010

The stupid problems of Myself

Part One:
I'm totally dead in the matter of knowledge and some creative writing. Having holidays for 4 months is just too much for me and you can easily tell, that I wasn't doing anything that would take my energy away. Then I'm wondering I have problems with sleeping and so...

Part Two:
I'm constantly fighting with myself. My Adventure Me with my Financial Me; me Creative Me with my Dead-end Me; my Loving me with my Introverted Me. Wars that will be on the schedule for quite a long time with an unknown result.

Part Three:
My inspiration is just on the frozen point. Complete frozen point.
and all is relative as our thoughts and lives and the meaning of all of us.

Part Four:
I'm going mad from all these things and it is nicely seen in this empty and pointless entry. Just for you to say "my god I'm glad I'm not in this girl's skin, she must have shitloads of issues.." Well, then.

The End:
I don't know myself, I need to sort out my thoughts. Anyone has any tip, or a know-how? I'll be happy for anything, but the result is in the darkness of the future.

16. 9. 2010

First week

I have successfully finished my first week @ college.
Well, it's fun, except the huge amount of travelling when I want to get my ass to school and then back home. The journey there takes me usually around 45 minutes from one end of Prague to the other one. I travel mainly by metro (which I dislike because I feel unsafe and unsure in the tunnel). But what can I do. If I'd decide to use busses, the journey would take me twice the time :D (and of course I'm a lucky bitch I don't have to travel "inter-city" :D )

So far, so good!

10. 9. 2010

Internet boredom

The title says it all.
Internet becomes a bit boring after you've been sitting behind the computer like all day long. More like when there isn't anything to do outside and you just don't feel inspired at all for taking pictures. Or you don't have the right "peaceful  mood or atmosphere" for yoga. Really. Those states of mind are just the worst thing that can ever happen to you. It's like being empty without a life purpose or goal or something like that.

Well, at least there is a little fluffy black piggy, that is a total attention-seeker, so it keeps me busy a bit. Imagine it squeaks and demands attention every once in a while :)

8. 9. 2010

Why, yes, I'm a coffee addict!

Believe it or not.
I guess I already wrote something about my likings for coffee so therefore I don't have to repeat myself that much.

The point is, I haven't been in some cafeteria for a long time, to enjoy a nice cup of Algerian/Irish/Viennese coffee. Sitting in some café with a nice book has its own atmosphere that is to die for, however, when one does not have money, it's hard so all I have left is the "good old home made coffee". Not that I'd be complaining.

But in my country lately the "american style coffee" has become more and more popular. In my opinion, this american coffee culture is just sick. Drinking bad coffee with shitloads of sugar and weird flavors from a plastic cup? Well pardon me, it IS nasty. Coffee is supposed to be COFFEE, not some kind of "coffee-based drink with chocolate&cream&sugar&caramel&strawberry flavor". But let the americans drink their..coffee.. as they want. I'm not drinking it. Never. Because those american coffee companies that are invading my country (yes Starbucks I am talking about you) sell the coffee for a horrendous price.

Really. I'd rather get a coffee from a small nice cafeteria for a good price, than to drnik this sugar-bombed coffee for shitloads of money...

3. 9. 2010


Friday evening.
Majority of the people I know are somewhere out, enjoying themselves in some pub or so.. but I kinda don't care and I'm not going to write about my social life now :D

Today I've been for my time table to see what has the college in store for me. Actually I'm pleased. Nothing too stupid in case of timetable. Yay!
Every second Tuesday I have a basically free day, sicne my only lessons are in the morning and every Friday I have free. FREE. FREE FRIDAY! A thing everyone wants :D Well.. not everyone, but most of the students. I have heard a case that one student has all Friday free, but had lessons in the evening from 6pm. Friday evening, 6pm. A bit scary, isn't it? Imagine the fun time parties you would miss... and mind you, I'm not a party person myself.

But what I kinda dislike is the way there and back. I hate travelling by metro.. and I need to transfer from one line to another. Hate hate hate hate. Last 4 years I have been using metro for like 3 stops and even those started being very long and boring. And I'm not talking about me being freaked out or at least uncomfortable in the metro train... well, nevermind, nevermind ;)

Realised it's evening, actually nearly 10pm and it shows even here. I am talking(well writing...) pure shit so I'd better end.

Good night.

1. 9. 2010

Uni student me is

This morning I was officialy signed up as a university student. Whee!
It will be a long run full of stress, but everyone says that uni years were the best years of their life. Well I'm about to find out if they're right or not.

Actually I'm looking forward to get to new phase of my life, since those years on high school I started to get bored and tired from the people I was meeting like every day. I admit that in some aspects I will miss high school (as now it looks so damn easy comparing to what is coming), but on the other hand - glad it's over!

And I guess now it's the perfect time for my afternoon cup of coffee, since outside it's cold, grey and rainy weather and a cup of hot coffee is just a perfect thing ;)

31. 8. 2010

Horses ♥

Few previous days I've spent in a small village in western Bohemia with my four legged friends - horses. I do horseriding for about 13 years now, but not very often. It's more like "holiday activity" for me.

All the time I'm looking forward to see my beloved white Thoroughbred horse called My Fair Lady. It's a horse with a sad story, since her mother died when she was only 3 days. I had to find my own way to her when my friend got her as a 1 year old, so it wasn't a love on the first sight for me. Soon love on the third sight or so.
But since then she is my number one horse.

Ready to get our asses out to the wilderness
Some people say that everytime I arrive to that place, she's looking forward to see me and she somehow "feels" I'm about to arrive. Everytime I see her after a long time, she is always the first horse to greet me. Still, sometimes she's just a stubborn horse making complete fun of me, shoving me I'm just a silly human that wants to be the master of a horse.

But as the time goes by, I think the horse really respects me, as much as I respect the horse. And of course, it's known that horse and his "master" should have the same character... indeed. We're both pretty much stubborn bitches, pretty mean to people we dislike, really a magnet to some sort of stupid injuries and sometimes lazy as hell, but when it comes to things we like, we go on until we "drop dead". :)

Sure I had more of the so-called "destiny horses" in my life, but I guess I'll come back to them a bit later, since they deserve their own "article".

My Fair Lady, as a Bloodhorse, is supposed to be successfull in horseracing. But since she's 7 years old and not in training, she is just a "hobby" horse. How bad it sounds, I really think it's good for her because of her bad past. Still, she really enjoys running as fast as she can (and she is damn fast, she has a great bloodline!), but nowadays she's getting better and better in jumping.
Well, she's just my lovely white lady. I'll be always there for her no matter what. Just shame that she is quite far away from the place I live in, so I can't see her as much as I'd want to.

I guess that pointless talking about my baby horse is enough for today :D

25. 8. 2010

Morning coffee

That should be considered as my favorite part of the day, seriously. Sitting in some calm spot in the morning and ejnoying the first coffee of the day. Still it also depends on a coffee I'm drinking.

I'll be honest - after I've been to Finland, I'm not enjoying the usual czech coffee that much :D I've been always drinking coffee a la "two sugars & milk", there I've learned to drink black coffee. And I've been counting the days how long I haven't had the "two sugars & milk". I think that today is the 54th day.

Coffee has been a part of my day now for about 6 years. In the first days I used to hide "my coffee" behind the microwave oven, because I didn't want my parents to know I drink it, since I thought they'd think I'm too young for coffee. But like after a month of "hiding" I said to myself "oh fuck it.." and stopped hiding it, because still - better to be on caffeine than on cocaine :D

When I started going to the high school, we went on some "getting to know each other" trip, all first classes. It was a huge quest for coffee, since in the canteen they didn't serve any plus when you asked them for a cup, they were like "oh kid, aren't you too young?" So we made advantage of one trip to the village, bought a pack of coffee and in our cabins we just poured hot tab water on it. It tasted horribly, but at least it reminded us of a coffee a tiny little bit.

In school - I mean in one of the buildings - there we had the best coffee-machine coffee EVER. Mildly strong, great smell, even though a bit synthetic taste, damn, it was good. And quite cheap. 7 CZK (cca 0.25 €) for a cup is quite good I say.

The whole 2 year and a bit of the 3rd year I started being what in the czech republic people call "kavárenský povaleč" - coffee cooler. Withone of my friends we once did "tour de cafeteria" where we made 5 cafeterias in one afternoon. Woohoo, caffeine boost.

The second caffeine boost was on our band's rehearsal, when we made full kettle of strong black coffee and while playing our songs, we were drinking the coffee (combined with milk). At the same time, we did "live" recording to my lovely friend from Pilsen. I think she must have had fun listening to us, boosted by caffeine :D

Anyway, my morning coffee is nearly finished, so I think it's time to ruin this calm morning moment and get my ass to some business ;)


24. 8. 2010

Ant - the introduction

Well, here we go.

I'm a starting student of Museum and gallery services with a huge uniform fetish.

I do photography, however I don't consider myself as some kind of professional. I'm an amateur who takes it as a hobby, but I have certain ambitions.

I have red hair, black glasses, zero piercings, zero tattoos and a huge iron cross on my neck.

I currently reside in Prague.. well have been living here all my life, but my heart belongs to a person currently living in Helsinki.

I guess this shall be enough for now, since first I need to get myself familiar with this thing .. and so :D